Engineering expertise, innovative maintenance and surface preparation methods

A Story about Dissatisfaction and Not Accepting the Status Quo

A couple of years ago, a maintenance engineer was beginning his shift at a large printing company. He was not looking forward to it. Before he could even begin the disassembly and maintenance tasks on the printing press, he and his colleagues faced hours of cleaning, which involved the removal of accumulated ink, glues and debris from the machinery and surfaces.

The cleaning method was essentially hard labour using solvents, which, apart from the time involved, also had the problem of disposing of solvent contaminated rags. Water and steam blasting had been tried, disassembling equipment and removing to a location for cleaning, but again considerable time was involved and the subsequent cleanup of contaminated water was substantial.

The engineer decided there had to be a better way, and began researching options. He wanted to find a cleaning system that left no contaminated cleaning media, did not damage machined surfaces could be used on equipment in –situ, and dry enough not to damage sensitive electronics.

It didn’t take long to discover there was indeed an advanced cleaning system that had those attributes – Dry Ice Blasting. Out of this dissatisfaction with the status quo grew Gilsen Ltd.

Gilsen Ltd - More than an Advanced Surface Preparation Cleaning System

Owners Chris Giles and Keith Jepsen realised the engineer’s experience at the printing press was being replicated wherever equipment was being maintained, so they set up Gilsen Ltd to fill the gap.

However, as well as the benefits offered by such an advanced cleaning and blasting system, they also offer a special blend of experience and knowledge.

Between them have more than 50 years experience in providing engineering and technical contracting services to a range of business sectors including telecommunications and aviation. They understand the issues of working with and maintaining complex infrastructure and the importance of professional operating methods, such as defined procedures and strong health and safety policies.

All staff and contractors working for Gilsen have been fully trained in all aspects of delivering a professional service. The training ensures they know how to use the dry ice technology to its best advantage and obtain the best possible results. Gilsen training includes an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of the various cleaning/blasting methods available, and therefore able to recommend alternatives to dry ice if another method will produce a better result for a particular situation. Customers can be confident they will get expert advice and service. In fact we guarantee it.

Over the last two years, Gilsen Ltd has tested and trialled dry ice blasting techniques and equipment to find the most effective methods for specific tasks. Indeed as we continue to test and develop operational procedures that deliver high value results, we have added another new technology to our service: Vapour Blasting, which allows us to do much more than with just dry ice blasting, to be able to perform all types of surface preparation and maintenance cleaning.

Gilsen uses the best equipment available for the job, from high capacity, low emission air compressors to the latest technology in safety equipment.

Gilsen Ltd is based in Masterton covering the lower North Island. Additionally the company is actively pursuing growth into the upper South Island, including Canterbury.

However the Gilsen operation is geared for portability and is able to operate anywhere a customer requires a high value professional surface preparation and maintenance cleaning service.


Chris Giles handles Gilsen’s business and operations. Contact Chris if you want to talk about what Gilsen can do for you.




Keith Jepsen is Gilsen’s technical expert who has developed the specialised techniques we use. Contact Keith if you want to know more about the technical side of what Gilsen does.