Dry Ice Blasting, eco friendly, low waste, carbon neutral, efficient cleaning

Dry Ice Blasting is virtually carbon neutral  and environmentally responsible

Dry ice cleaning uses frozen carbon dioxide pellets (dry ice) as the cleaning medium. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is an unwanted by-product of the Kapuni gas field. If not used by other industrial processes, this by-product is released to the atmosphere. Dry ice cleaning simply makes use of the CO2 before returning it to the atmosphere.
No secondary waste stream
There is no secondary waste. The dry ice simply changes to a gas and disperses. The use of dry ice avoids the use of toxic cleaning agents, solvents or abrasive grits. It reduces the need to produce them and dispose of them after use.
Residue removal
The only residue to be collected and disposed of is dirt, paint, tar, rust scale, etc. - the material removed by cleaning. Because each situation is different, we will work with you to determine an efficient method of collecting, removing and disposing of waste.
Infrastructure efficiency
We assist you to maximize the efficiency and working life of your infrastructure by cleaning it at optimum intervals.