Reduce Plant & Equipment Maintenance Costs

How to Reduce Plant & Equipment Maintenance Costs—and Get Better Results

When it comes to maintaining plant and equipment for optimum performance, usually there is a need to remove dirt and grime build up—to restore efficient operation, prevent product contamination, provide access to components for adjustment and inspection—and this often has to be done before any real maintenance work can begin.

If you have engineering and operational responsibilities you will be very familiar with the problems of maintenance cleaning—for example:

  • Your maintenance programme is often compromised by the cleaning needs.
  • You are under pressure from production demands to reduce maintenance downtime.
  • Current heat exchange/radiator cleaning techniques are slow and not very effective, creating operational inefficiencies.
  • You want to use more environmentally sound methods and stop or reduce use of solvents and chemicals in maintenance cleaning.

At Gilsen Ltd we have spent the last two years developing dry ice blasting techniques focussed on equipment maintenance, which we have used on a number of customer sites with great success (see examples below). We are confident we can provide effective maintenance cleaning solutions for many situations, and ultimately save you money and increase output.
Gilsen Ltd are Dry Ice Cleaning Specialists and with our strong engineering background we understand many of the issues working with complex plant and machinery. That means we can work with you to obtain cost effective maintenance results while ensuring the integrity of your equipment.

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Wood Veneer Drier – Deep cleaning of radiators


Gilsen dry ice blasting is routinely used to clean veneer drier radiators and enclosures during maintenance shutdowns. Dry ice blasting quickly removes resin build up from the enclosure walls, and provides a deep clean within the radiator itself, removing debris and resins without damage to fins and surfaces. Also check the video here to see how fast and effective dry ice blasting is.

Wood Kiln Maintenance – Ideal for Dry Ice Cleaning
The Gilsen dry ice cleaning system has proven very effective when used during wood kiln maintenance. In particular, removal of resin build up on the fans, and deposits on the heat exchange fins is ideal for dry ice cleaning. The surfaces are cleaned without damage and there is virtually no cleanup afterwards so the kiln can be returned to service almost immediately. Our customer has decided to schedule this as a regular annual task; however Gilsen can deploy our dry ice cleaning system at short notice if that is what is required.

Boiler Maintenance cleaning – half the time, with a better result
Gilsen Ltd was recently engaged to clean the boiler tubes and baffles in a 29MW wood fired boiler. This was a job that had to be done annually but nobody looked forward to it. It required water blasting for at least 14 hours, and even though done in the middle of summer care had to be taken to prevent hypothermia for those doing the blasting.

With Gilsen Dry Ice Blasting, the job was completed in half the time, only 7 hours. Additionally, the removal of the combustion material build up was far superior to that previously achieved. During the boiler inspection that followed, it was noted that this was one of the best cleaning results seen.


" Cleaning the build up of resins from the veneer drier radiators and enclosure walls was a major maintenance task. It was done by hand using air wands and steel brushes and generally took two people 8 to 10 hours to complete. Additionally there was often damage to the radiator fins.
Since we have been using Gilsen Ltd to do the job using dry ice blasting, we have been able to increase the operational time for the dryers as the cleanup is half the time taken previously. The quality of clean is better with minimal fin damage, resulting in improved heat transfer and lower risk of resin fire.

Overall Gilsen are easy to deal with as they understand our operational needs and are very flexible in working around our production schedules. I would recommend them as reliable and trustworthy, adding real value to our operation."

Chris Osborne, Manager Maintenance Services, Juken New Zealand Masterton Mill