STRIPPING PREPARING CLEANING for Maintenance Restoration & Construction


  • Surface stripping, cleaning or preparation holding up job completion?

  • Poorly prepared surfaces mean projects not progressing, and time running out?

  • Equipment maintenance cleaning difficult, expensive, time consuming?

  • Need advice on effective methods?

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The 12 Gilsen Advantages

ü Fast and effective stripping and cleaning

ü Much reduced mess and disruption

ü Reduced maintenance downtime

ü Equipment cleaned in-situ without dismantling

ü Mobile operation – work almost anywhere

ü Engineering knowledge and expertise

ü Comprehensive Health & Safety policies

ü Qualified for Confined Space & Working at Heights

ü Free Trials

ü 3 Point Satisfaction Guarantee

ü Sound environmental methods

ü Advanced technologies - Vapour Blasting & Dry Ice Blasting

Vapour Blasting: Also known as wet-abrasive blasting

An abrasive process of mixing blast media with water to create a vapour liquid that is accelerated with compressed air at pressures as low as 35 psi and as high as 125 psi, enabling full control of the blast level. This is much more efficient, cleaner and controllable than standard sand blasting.

Vineyard windmill - before & after vapour blasting

Vineyard windmill before and after steel treatment and painting using vapour blasting

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More about Gilsen Vapour Blasting and examples

Dry Ice Blasting
Uses high-density carbon dioxide (dry ice) pellets, propelled onto a surface using compressed air.
Capable of stripping away all types of residues, including ink, glue, paint, food, rubber, mould, resins, soot.

Timber veneer drier radiators - before & after Gilsen Dry Ice Cleaning
Dry Ice Blasting - veneer drier radiators before and after

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What can Gilsen Dry Ice Blasting do for you?

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Examples of vapour blasting and dry ice blasting

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