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From Modern Marvels – a short informative piece about dry ice blasting; 

From Geoblaster: vapour blasting of brickwork  concrete  graffiti

Gilsen Ltd use Geoblaster vapour blast equipment

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1.    Report on how dry ice blasting used during packing machinery maintenance reduced downtime by 60%.
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2.    Technical paper describing trial using dry ice blasting for shot peening.
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3.    Article from Pharma + Food International 2000. Describes the dry ice blasting process and gives examples of use within the food industry.
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4.    Article from Stainless Steel World April 2006. Dry Ice Blasting of Stainless Steel. A discussion on surface rust formation on stainless steel, the issues with cleaning and how dry ice blasting has been used successfully for that purpose.
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5.    Press Release from Cryonomic. A brief report on the use of dry ice blasting to reduce production equipment cleaning time by 75% at General Mills factory.
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6.    Paper from 13th CIRP International Conference on Life Cycle Engineering, 2006. A technical discussion on cleaning and de-coating materials for recycling, using dry ice blasting and laser processing. Describes tests using both technologies individually and a combined hybrid method.
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