Vapour Blasting, A Solution for Refurbishing Steel Window Frames

The Problem:  Steel window frames covered in multiple coats of paint and grime making refurbishment very difficult, and/or are corroded to a point that threatens the basic structure of the frame. 

Deatil of corrosion on steel framed window

Replacement is expensive, and in the case of heritage buildings not an option. Effective refurbishment requires stripping back to bare metal, removing all corrosion, priming and repainting. Normally this is done manually, taking many hours with barely adequate results.


The Solution: Gilsen’s wet-abrasive blasting process provides the ideal method with key advantages over other processes.

  • Very effective surface stripping: If the glass is taken out, all surfaces can be stripped back to grey metal and all corrosion removed, guaranteed.

Detail of refurbished steel frame window


  • Fast:  A recent job stripped more than 40 large frames on six floors in three days.

Steel frame windows after refurbishment

  • Virtually no dust: Allows other work to continue alongside as blasting is proceeding and does not require special consent in most situations

For more information give Gilsen a call on 0508 445 736. We can manage the whole project with access to the specialist metal fabrication, glazing and painting required to oversee and complete the job.