Boat hull maintenance,stripping and applying eco friendly foul release coatings

Save time and money with Gilsen’s innovative and eco friendly hull maintenance solutions

Gilsen provides complete end to end services, or we can just strip and prepare the surface – whatever your preference.  

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Hull stripping and preparation that is fast, effective and reduces cost

Gilsen’s  advanced blasting systems  provide solutions for most hull stripping and preparation requirements, including fibre glass.

Wet Abrasive or Vapour Blasting: using high grade garnet with relatively low blast pressures allows removal of old coatings and paint without damaging the substrate, including gel coat on fibreglass hulls. This is a very fast method, stripping of most pleasure boat hulls can be achieved in under a day. Click for video


More on Vapour Blasting here


Dry Ice Blasting: A non abrasive blasting system using dry ice pellets that leaves no blast media residue. Best suited for cleaning applications where the underlying surface needs to retain its original finish and clean up must be minimised. Click for video

More on Dry Ice Blasting here


Eco-friendly, performance enhancing foul release coatings

  • A two part coating system that forms a low profile strong bond with aluminium, stainless steel and bronze.
  • Tested and proven to adhere tenaciously to running gear while delivering a smooth finish, maximising prop efficiency.
  • Foul build up on the prop is released from the low friction coating when in motion

 Aquacote Hull 

  • Foul clears off the hydrophobic coating with ease. 
  • Delivers maximum performance, top speed and greater fuel efficiency without harming marine life or damaging ecosystems


Gilsen are approved applicators for Aquacote Marine foul release coatings in the Wellington region

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