Vapour Blasting, Surface Preparation Examples

Vapour Blasting Refurbishment of Vineyard Frost Windmill Towers

Removing old paint and rust from vineyard frost windmills, using Gilsen vapour blasting, then a respray with Resene ArmourZinc 110 for long term protection. All done on site, virtually dust free with minimal mess, and did not impede nearby vineyard work.

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abrasive blasting, paint rust removal, surface preparation, steel structure   abrasive blasting, paint rust removal, surface preparation, steel structure   abrasive blasting, paint rust removal, surface preparation, steel structure


Vapour Blast - ideal solution for helicopter airframe preparation.

Gilsen was approached by the owner of an airframe for a helicopter, wanting to have old primer removed and prepared for repainting.
Usual methods of grinding or sandblasting risked damage to the thin wall aircraft grade steel tubing. Chemical methods were discounted for environmental reasons, and risk of chemical reaction. The alternative was unattractive - hours of sanding by hand.
However vapour blasting can operate at low pressure with small amounts of media, negating any damage, yet removing primer quickly and effectively. The job was done using garnet applied at 45 psi and completed in less than 2 hours. Then the frame was given a brief final rub down and primed later the same day. Our customer was very pleased with the speed and finish achieved.

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Automotive Restoration
Easily remove paints, fillers and under-coatings from steel, aluminium and fibre glass.
Vapour Blast equipment meters the abrasive and water injection separately into the air flow, and blast pressures can be regulated from as low as 30psi, this allows fine detail work, ensures there is no heat transfer to panels and no stretching

Removing industrial coatings for inspection
Preparing surfaces to coat
Cleaning storage tanks
Removing rust and scale
Removing roadway markings
Building maintenance

New builds, conversions and repair including special steels and aluminium super structures
Aluminium and fibreglass hulls
Structural steel
Wood and weather boards


Steel Window Frames
Brick, block, stone buildings
Stucco & weatherboard homes
Statues, sculptures, grave markers/headstones
Artefacts and historic pieces